Notarized translation

If you submit a foreign document to the authorities, then it must be translated into the state language, and the translation must be certified (certified). Translations are performed and certified differently in different countries. Somewhere the translation can be done and certified with your signature. Somewhere translation can be performed only by sworn translators (they swore an oath of fidelity to translations). Somewhere translation can be performed only by certified translators (confirmed knowledge of the language), but their signature on the translation must be certified by notaries.

What languages do we translate?

We translate all languages.

What documents do we translate?

We translate any documents, for example:

Translation of names and titles

The names of people and organizations, the names of countries, regions, cities and streets can be translated in different ways. Rather, they are not even translated, but are transmitted in different ways into another language. How is the name written in a foreign passport or on a bank card? What about previous translations? Notify the manager.

Translation with delivery to the door

You can order a translation via the Internet, and receive it by courier or at the post office:

Can the official translation be rejected?

If the translation is officially certified, then it must be accepted. Even if there are typos in the translation (they can be checked in the original document). But there are times when officials, breaking the law, do not accept the transfer for fictitious reasons. Officials go for such a thing only in one case - orally, without a written refusal, since a written refusal will document the violation of the law.

In case of refusal, always ask for a formal written refusal.